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Cold Cast Bronze Process

The original masters for our sculptures are all modelled in clay or plaster and signed by the sculptor Simon Griffiths, before being sent to the foundry. A mould is then made and a number of bronze filled resin casts made. The quality of the casting is such that even the fingerprints of the artist are reproduced. The sculptures are then hand finished and patinated. Most of the bronzes on our website are made in this way and can be purchased in the online shop.

Foundry Bronze Process (lost wax)

The original mould can also be used to produce hot cast sculptures. 

A wax cast is made from the mould which is then coated in a refractory (heat resistant) material. The wax is then melted out, leaving a hollow impression of the original. Molten bronze is then poured into this investment (mould) and left to cool.The investment is then removed leaving a perfect bronze copy. This is known as the lost wax process.The final sculpture is then fettled, cleaned and patinated. This is a very complex and time consuming process.

Foundry bronze sculptures are cast to order and there is a lead time of 10 – 14 weeks from initial order to delivery. We require a 20% non refundable deposit.

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